Kim Dao’s First Day in Singapore

Kim Dao and Eric went down to the hotel restaurant for a free breakfast ( Kim Dao ate Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and a tomato slice. She had not had western food in a long time. Kim Dao says the Singapore hotel has food from all over the world, including China, India, and Western food. She had granola and strawberry yogurt in the shape of a face with two blueberries for eyes and a strawberry for a nose. After Kim Dao and Eric had breakfast, she had a meet up at the hotel lobby with many of her  Singapore  subscribers. There were around 50 people there. Kim Dao was expecting less than 10 people. Kim Dao posed for photos with her fans and gave out lots of chocolate message packs.Learn more :


She had plenty of greeting cards, facial skin care products, chips, chocolate. some knitted Pokémon dolls, homemade Pokémon stickers dressed in similar outfits that Kim Dao wore in her videos. a Pokémon key chain, and more.Learn more :


After opening her gifts, Kim Dao and Eric went shopping at Orchard Road and went to lunch in Chinatown for some chicken and rice.  The couple ate at Laio Fan restaurant. Eric had watermelon juice and Kim Dao had lime juice with their meals. After lunch, the couple returned to their hotel room to rest.Learn more :


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