Treat Your Guests to a Wonderful Evening with a Wine Tasting by a Traveling Vineyard Wine Guide

One of the biggest trends in entertainment in the past several years has been the transition from entertainment being something done outside of the home to high quality entertainment inside the homes. Kitchens have gone from functional spaces to open places with multiple seating areas for large groups to gather and enjoy food and great company. More people are justifying rooms that feel more like in home movie studios than the traditional living rooms and with streaming services like Amazon allowing people to rent the latest movies at home, many people are enjoying entertaining in the home a good deal more than going out to enjoy the company of friends and loved ones.

With that being said, today’s entertainers are always looking for the latest and more exciting ways to entertain guests in their home. A formal sit down dinner is often a lengthy obligation for guests, especially for people with children and needs every guests schedule to coordinate 100% for a dinner time – a feat that is nearly impossible in today’s demanding world. A creative drop in, drop out event like a game night is often preferred.

The latest and arguably greatest way true entertainers choose to host is to throw a fabulous . in your home. A wine tasting in a private home has a special appeal to guests. A tasting can be as informal or formal as the host would like. When hosting a wine tasting, it is great to work with a professional Wine Guide that will guide the tasting process as well as provide detailed information about the wines that guests are tasting and help set the pace for the process.

The Travelilng Vineyard is a unique company that will send a wine enthusiast right to your home to guide the entire tasting process as well as bring all the the wine and tasting supplies for your guests to enjoy. The hosts are called Wine Guides and they specialize in private parties, often in the home, where guests gather to taste a full fleet of fine wines. This can be paired with something like a cheese or olive oil tasting or be done solo. At the end of the evening, guests can order any of the wines they tasted and receive their order at the incredible price points that are unique to Traveling Vineyard’s Wine Guides. The Traveling Vineyard is a wonderful opportunity to mix your love of wine with a successful business opportunity and to know more visit

Fabletics Competes Against Competition with Comfort and Affordability

Fabletics is a very interesting company that has managed to become one of the most incredible franchises when it comes to garments for athletic clothing for women. There are a lot of people that are praising Kate Hudson and the cofounders of Fabletics because they have created something unique. Fabletics is a company that has a subscription service and place that allows people to get garments sent to their homes every month.


This is incredibly insightful of Kate Hudson. She has become someone that has managed to give people access to a whole new world of stylish workout clothes. This is what lot of women are looking for when they decide to join the gym. They are not interested in the same clothes that they may work out in inside the home.


Amazon has managed to become one of the best companies for clothing, electronics and books. It is the type of company that has grown in a very interesting way. Many people are impressed with the fact that Jeff Bezos has moved beyond simply selling books and into a realm of other things like clothing. He is a great Contender for Fabletics because Amazon already has a clothing sector.


Fabletics is a company that is still able to compete quite successfully with other companies like Amazon because Kate Hudson has a strategic plan in place. It can be difficult to compete with a company like Amazon if there’s no strategy in place. Fortunately, there are quite a few people that like Fabletics already. These are loyal customers that are not looking for any clothing from any other competitor like Amazon.


This is really what all of the subscription services are about. It allows people to gain a level of confidence about the Fabletics brand. If they have become comfortable enough to be subscribers it is much easier for them to patronize Fabletics and stay with Kate Hudson. That is what she is banking on when she considers the subscription services. The new stores that are being put in place have the ability to attract a lot of people outside of the Internet. It’s quite easy for Kate Hudson to compete when she has established her fan base online first. This gives her the confidence to build more stores and attract other people offline.


The most interesting thing about someone like Kate Hudson is the strong-will that she has for her company to succeed. She has been in the Limelight as an actress for decades, but now she is focusing primarily on her store. This is what makes the brand thrive. There is a celebrity appeal that is connected to the brand, but Kate is more than capable of getting this company to new heights without all of the celebrity rigmarole. She is focused on creating quality clothes at affordable prices.


Fabletics is the brand that people have come to trust. It is a company that provides a new lineup of athletic clothes that are stylish and designed for comfort.

Doe Deere – article recap

When you look at the woman herself Doe Deere seems like a real live walking fairy. You expect that she would have a magic wand that magically sprinkles color everywhere. However, a fairy she is not instead to her fans she is the Queen of Unicorns. Her incredible purple or pink locks or whatever color she’s chosen for her hair this week is just a sampling of her love of color. Doe Deere’s makeup is always done perfectly in such an array of colors it draws people to her makeup line. Learn more:

An immigrant to the United States from Russia, Doe has turned her American dream into reality with the success of her business Lime Crime. A music lover Doe originally had dreams of following music into a full time career. While living in New York after arriving from Russia that was the dream she followed. In Manhattan and Brooklyn she played with a band and lived the life of a New York musician. During the 12 years of this lifestyle Doe met and fell in love with her bandmate and now husband. Their amazing art of collaboration has given Doe a great partner in all she does. Learn more:

Doe Deere wants to inspire young women by telling them to embrace every part of themselves that may be different from the norm. She knows how lonely she felt herself as a young girl because she was sure no one else thought like her. She has come to realize that it’s all of those idiosyncrasies that made her feel alone in the world that helped her to be the success she is today. Her company Lime Crime has colors and ideas for makeup you can’t find anywhere else and she’s grateful for that.

Doe Deere has a real appreciation for fashion and individualism. As a graduate of FIT in NYC for fashion design she knows how fashion expresses each persons individual tastes. It is those ideals that make her makeup line do the same. She wants her customers to have the ability to express themselves with her bold, bright, and hard to find colors. It’s all about not being cookie cutter and like everyone else, this is something Lime Crime is all about.

Named one of the Top Inspiring Women by Self=Made magazine, is something Doe Deere is proud of. Through internet sales and instagram photos Lime Crime and Doe Deere stay ahead of the game and continue to produce new and exciting products. She is definitely someone to watch and will continue to imagine herself into further success.