How Can Amazon Be Beat? Fabletics Might Know How

Amazon has done a lot of good for consumers who want more options when shopping for things they need, but it’s also made life difficult for regular businesses who’ve found it difficult to stand in the Amazon age. Even those who have shifted their model to be more mobile shopping friendly still have great challenges ahead to compete with the e-commerce giant. One company, Fabletics might have the answer. Fabletics is relatively new and has experienced high growth amid declines in the old fashion retailer markets. On the surface, it looks like most catalogs that you order from, but it’s got much lower prices and has membership options that include introductory prices, and an even better experience if you visit a Fabletics store to try on the outfits.


Actress Kate Hudson is the woman responsible for promoting much of the Fabletics line, and while she may be wealthy, she’s sent a message out of complete inclusiveness to all Fabletics customers. Fabletics runs on a membership program that allows users to become VIP members, track orders and shipping, leave reviews and redeem rewards on purchases. While the company features women’s outfits, there is a men’s section as well which includes athletic t-shirts and pants that Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver has spoken about a few times. Fabletics has also shown that while traditional retailers may not be doing well enough with brick and mortar sales right now, brick and mortar stores have not completely gone away since they’ve invested in them. What they have done though is branded the company as online first, and for those interested in trying on the outfits or saving time on shipping, they can visit a Fabletics store near them and get them, a different approach where other retailers may be suffering losses from customers snapping photos of merchandise, and then using them to shop on Amazon for cheaper deals.


Kate Hudson has had no formal training or family background in business, but she was asked by the CEOs of Techstyle Fashion Group if she would be interested in owning and marketing an athleisure brand because she is known to be easygoing and authentic in everything she does. Hudson was delighted to do so, and when she isn’t too busy rehearsing on the stage set for a movie production, she is at Fabletics headquarters giving her input. Hudson has definitely proven she believes in the Fabletics brand by wearing it all over Los Angeles. You can also find out about her personal favorites by visiting her Twitter or Facebook pages. If you want to get started being a member of Hudson’s athleisure company, you should take the lifestyle quiz at