The Twitter Account Of Shervin Pishevar Will Keep You Educated

Most of us might think of Twitter as a place where little can be learned. We probably value it for the fact that it can entertain us and make us laugh, but few people would point to it as a source of education most of the time. Fortunately, there are people like Shervin Pishevar who can help to change that viewpoint one tweet at a time.

Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in AirBnb, takes to Twitter regularly to express his views on topics like the economy and how politics impact the economy. He likes to point out when he believes that people are making mistakes with their investments and a whole wide variety of other issues. That being said, Shervin Pishevar is also the kind of person who has experience making smart economic choices in his personal life. Therefore, his opinions should carry more weight than the average person’s on these topics.

In a recent tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar released fifty numbered tweets that went through point by point why he believes that the stock market is set up to fail in the near future. He also thinks that Bitcoin is not a safe haven like so many have hoped that it might be for them. Finally, he talks about how the American Dream has been exported so effectively at this point that many great inventions are now going to come from the shores of foreign lands rather than from our own country.

Shervin Pishevar said all of these things over a period of twenty-one hours on Twitter. He went through line by line why he feels the way that he does about each and every one of these things. He took a contrarian view on certain things simply because that is how he honestly feels about them. All in all, he made sure that there was no question in the minds of anyone who read his material about where he was on the question of so many of these issues. He wanted them all to know his positions, and now we all really do. It is so enlightening to read the thoughts of someone who has actually proven himself to be worth reading.

Getting to Know Lime Crime Founder Doe Deere

Known for their bright and wild color scheme, Lime Crime is a staple in the beauty world. However, CEO and founder Doe Deere was not always the cosmetics impressario that she is today. Originally hailing from Russia, she created Lime Crime as an online beauty shop in 2004 using Ebay as her storefront. She had no idea how successful she would become; in less than a year, she was already making a steady income on the internet. The next step was to create her own line.


Thus, in 2008, Lime Crime as we know it was born. As one of the first “digitally native beauty brands,” Lime Crime sought to make a splash in the beauty world. With a tag line that states “always rebelling, never boring, Lime Crime’s here to shake things up,” Doe Deere delivers. The bright, whimsical colors are inspired by her own makeup journey, saying that her inspiration comes from her two favorite things: “fairy tales and makeup.” In fact, the mascot of the website itself is a Unicorn, which “represents individuality, rare beauty and compassionate kindness to all animals.”


A compassionate kindness to all animals is also one of the corner stones of Deere’s work. It has been very important to her to insure that her brand is vegan and cruelty free. To this end, Lime Crime is certified as both vegan & cruelty-Free by PETA & Leaping Bunny. In fact, Deere described one of her biggest challenges being finding the right laboratory to work with, stating that they needed to be not “only excellent at what they do, but they had to also share my vision,” a vision that includes not testing on animals or using animal products.


Keeping these core values and becoming a successful business has been a journey for her. In fact, Lime Crime- in its inception- almost never became a makeup brand. Deere had initially intended Lime Crime to be a clothing line when she was a student at the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City. However, it because very obvious to her and that her interest in fashion did not match her interest in makeup. Once she began to put her passion and effort into makeup she, “never looked back.” Others, including consumers, began to take notice. Deere stated that when they “noticed how passionate I was about the make up line, and they really responded much more than anyone had to the clothing line I’d started initially, so I knew I was on the right track.”


Ultimately, business has not been a straight line for Doe Deere, but her commitment to her creativity, her craft and her Unicorns has shown through. She is proof that when you do what you love and you love what you do, success will surely follow.


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Roberto Santiago: The Significance of Manaira

Much like most individuals that challenge the tenants of their field, Roberto Santiago started from a very humble place. On July 16 of 1958, Roberto Santiago came into the world ready to tackle it. He spent much of his childhood developing his keen intellect and superior reasoning skills, this was the foundation for which he would rest his future accomplishments. After he graduated from primary school, Santiago started attending the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa. This was where Santiago discovered that he had a flair for the real estate market and for development. One of the first things that he started doing soon after graduating was managing his own company. This company made the packaging for various products and was one of Santiago’s early successes. This laid out a path in the business world that Santiago would continue down for many years to come.


In 1989, Roberto Santiago was ready to tackle an even bigger project. He purchased some land in the lovely city of Joao Pessoa and immediately started making plans on what exactly he would put there. Development had become a major passion for him, and he wanted to make sure that he put something there that would be beneficial to the residents, not only as a destination but as a source of revenue for the community. From that hard work Manaira was constructed, and it immediately overshadowed any other building of its type. The behemoth structure boasted a plethora of shopping locations, numerous restaurants, a college, and high-end options that all shoppers could enjoy. It was a fantastic place and it immediately became a treasure in the eyes of the people of Joao Pessoa. To this day it remains a very popular destination for members of the Joao Pessoa community as well as tourists.


One of the things that Santiago is most proud of is Domus Hall. This gem is situated on the roof of Manaira like a tiara. It is known primarily as a concert venue, but it has been used for market functions, weddings, and high school graduations. This space has endless potential and has overshadowed the beauty of the mall itself because of its immense popularity. It has been said that performers of many different skills have sought to perform in Domus Hall because of its exclusive nature. Visitors will feel as though they are transported into a world of glamour and fame while visiting this wonderful facility. As the years continue, Manaira will grow to accommodate more facilities and sorely needed projects. Roberto Santiago is dedicated to increasing the visibility of not only Joao Pessoa, but of Brazil in general. The shopping mall has earned a significant international reputation that does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.