Betsy DeVos Comes To Washington To Change Education Forever

For the past thirty years or so Betsy DeVos has been working harder than anyone to bring reformation and relief to the educational system of the United States of America. Of course, Betsy DeVos has been doing her work as a private citizen without the luxury of the government at her beck and call. Alongside her husband Dick DeVos, Betsy has helped to cultivate a following for the school choice movement that now comprises millions of individuals all around the United States. In 2017, Betsy DeVos was tabbed to become the next Secretary of Education. After a tough Senate hearing in which the partisan divide in American politics was made abundantly clear, Betsy DeVos was confirmed. Now, over one and a half years later, Betsy DeVos is establishing herself as a reformer in the most important field in the country: education.


Growing up in Holland, MI taught Betsy DeVos quite a bit about life and the importance of conservative values. She grew up in a family of reformers who all believed in the power of faith and family. Her brother would go on to establish one of the most famous private security firms in the world and her father would run a successful automobile company. Marrying Dick DeVos would put Betsy DeVos on the national stage as her husband is the heir to the massive Amway fortune. Despite all of the reasons that Betsy DeVos had to take it easy and enjoy her wealth, she has instead spent her entire adult life instead working toward supporting education reform around the country.


When her own children were young, Betsy and Dick went around the state looking for the right educational facilities for their family. They ended up crossing paths with the Potter’s House Christian School, a prominent school choice establishment. Betsy and Dick DeVos took one look inside of a classroom at the building and knew that they had found the education system for them. Betsy DeVos recalls that the children and teachers were absolutely energized by love and admiration for education.


Since falling in love with school choice, DeVos has established several committees and has served on the chair for many more. She’s helped to spread school choice to 17 different states, countless institutions and to more than 250,000 students. As one of the true outsiders on Donald Trump’s Presidential Cabinet, she’ll have the chance to make school choice a success for students all around the country.


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OSI Industries are taking over the Food Industry

OSI Industries has made a name for itself as a giant in the food sector. The organization is a proud employer of over twenty thousand skilled and non-skilled workers having existed since the 19th century. OSI Industries has branches in over sixty- five different countries across the globe. The company has risen from a humble family business into a multimillion-dollar company engrossed in the ever-growing global economy. The company was established through the resilience of one German immigrant in the early 19th century. Mr. Otto Kolchowsky who is the proud founder of the company first named it Otto and Sons. The company was first set in Chicago, Illinois as a way for Otto’s family to make ends meet. It was at the time a small retail meat shop that served area residents at the time. The business quickly blossomed and after just a decade became a wholesale supplier.

The company then partnered with a small restaurant at the time which grew over the years to be known as the McDonalds franchise. Otto’s sons purchased a stake in the restaurant thereby ensuring the continuous supply of their company’s meat to the McDonald’s restaurant. Two decades after the transition, the companies focus was the provision of the restaurant food products thereby ensuring that their clientele had a consistent supply of quality product. As technological advancement in storage was made such as the introduction of the use of liquid nitrogen in the storage of meat, the transportation of the products over long distances became both more accessible and cheaper. This meant the eventual expansion of the company into new untapped markets.

The growth of the two partnering conglomerates led to the construction of a state-of-the-art food processing plant in Chicago with the sole intention of fortifying the McDonald’s supply line. The vast expansion of the McDonalds restaurant necessitated the consolidation of resources while also applying focus and energy to the development of new plants. In the years that followed, OSI Industries set up several plants across the country. OSI group crossed into the global market firmly behind the McDonalds restaurant. This fortified its reputation as a globally accredited food processor and distributor. The partnership first entered the Spanish and Dutch markets.

Proper management and relentless devotion of the company’s CEO Sheldon Lavin was the key towards the company’s vast expansion. Each development phase meant a new milestone crossed for the company that began just as a family company.