Reasons Why Rocketship Education is the Future of Education for Low-Income Earners

Education remains the greatest tool for achieving an equitable world. Education has, however, been termed as one of the most expensive investments for parents especially low-income earners. This means that by the virtue of education being costly, children from low-income neighborhoods and families cannot access quality education. Fortunately, Rocketship Education has challenged this notion by offering a tech-based education system. In addition, it is one of the most efficient education programs. The program has reached many students within a short span. The system has so far served more than 18,000 children, with a majority (80%) from low-income families.

Rocketship Education has been termed as the future of education especially to students from low-income families. In 2016, a media outlet published a piece about the school, which many education pundits have termed the story as unbalanced. For example, the story misses many facts about Rocketship Education. In this particular article, for example, there is a misconception about Rocketship Education being a company. This according to pundits is a huge dent to the credibility of the story. In addition, the story makes many assumptions on the scope of these schools. It also misses on their operational details and more importantly, their mandate. In addition, many people expressed their disappointment in the story, especially on Twitter.

What makes Rocketship Education the best invention to curb unbalanced access to education? First, it is one of the first educational programs tailored to unleash each student’s potential through personalized education. Second, the system values talent development. Talent development is critical in ensuring that the students not only excel in education but also their talent. Through talent development programs, many students have been nurtured. Thirdly, Rocketship Education one of the few school systems that place the parent at the center of schooling. This involves parents in the day-to-day business of the school and therefore high graduation rate.

Apart from Rocketship Education having a futurist approach to running the education system, the school is one of the best adaptors of technology. Technology makes running of the schools easier and more efficient. It is also through technology that the school manages to cut down on the operational costs.

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