Eucatex CEO Flavio Maluf Is An Expert In Business And Agriculture

Eucatex is a leading supplier of eco-friendly products around the world and is headquartered in Brazil. Founded more than 50 years ago, Eucatex was named after a very common plant, the Eucalyptus, which is one of the main ingredients in most of the products manufactured by the corporation. Today, Eucatex is selling their products all over the world thanks to the leadership of Flavio Maluf. Born in Brazil, Flavio Maluf is an accomplished businessman that was elected as company president back in 1997 after proving he was a skilled and qualified leader to the original company founders, which ware in fact related to Flavio himself. Despite that, Flavio spent more than a decade becoming an accomplished businessman and supporter of the Brazilian community before he took up a position at Eucatex. Flavio is not only concerned with Eucatex’s impact on the environment, but the environment as a whole, including the agricultural business, which is massive in Brazil. Visit their website to learn more.

Flavio has been focused on the expansion of Eucatex for decades, but the eco-friendly products and environmentally friendly facilities is a top priority for Eucatex and will always come before money or growth. Flavio is an active member of the Brazilian community and his mission to set higher standards and convince others to be mindful of the environment is a lifelong commitment. Eucatex is one of the largest manufacturers of eco-friendly products in the entire country and utilizes the Eucalyptus plant for nearly all of their products that are supplied around South America. This includes wood laminate, paints, wood fiber insulation, door paneling, and more. As modern technology continues to develop, Eucatexis able to manufacture and ship more products overseas. Not only are they the largest supplier of fiber insulation in the nation, but they are also currently at their highest point in the market since the founding of the company in 1951.



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