Instagram Photos Help to Elevate the ClassDojo Experience

ClassDojo is the nifty little EdTech app that was bestowed upon the education community back in 2011. This application is considered the premiere educational app for teachers, parents and students across the country and world. One of the best things about ClassDojo is its ability to bring people together through its platform. Sites such as Instagram is often used to highlight photos, videos and other forms of media that represents the ClassDojo experience.

One of the best things about ClassDojo is its ability to capture lighthearted moments in the classroom or in the school environment. On Instagram, there are some photos that capture children on the playground having fun. One picture shows a little boy hula hooping while another student looks on at him with amazement from a doorway. The boy who is hula hooping has his hands on his head and looks like he is trying to win a gold medal at the Olympics for this type of event. This picture was a blast.

ClassDojo is not just about fun it is also about communicating with parents and supporting families. There is a ClassDojo photo on the Instagram site that encourages open lines between parents and teachers. The photo simply explains how ClassDojo can improve the education field by simply sending photos, videos and text messages.

Teachers constantly need encouragement to stay committed to their jobs. This support is also important for helping them to have direction and to work hard. ClassDojo photographs on Instagram are displayed on the site that reveal teachers hanging out with each other and having a good time. There are also Instagram photos that highlight life in the class. Students are shown doing their work and hanging out with each other.

Some of the images display simple messages about the education experience that are uplifting and encouraging. Liam Don and Sam Chaudhary are the creators of Instagram. They both know that their site has grown into an integral part of the modern classroom. ClassDojo, is an app that has helped to make the education a better experience for everyone involved.