Alastair Borthwick, Former Scottish Author and Radio Presenter

Born and brought up in Rutherglen, Alastair Borthwick was a radio presenter, broadcaster and author. He was raised in Troon and later proceeded to Glasgow for his education. He dropped out of school at the age of sixteen to work as a copytaker for Evening Times. He then secured a full-time job at the Glasgow Weekly Herald as an all-around writer.

While working at the Weekly Herald, he revived the activity of rock climbing which had been shunned away by many. He also incorporated hitchhiking and camping in his central column. Due to his efforts, the business would soon gain popularity amongst the young people and camping enthusiasts. In an article from, it mentioned that Borthwick’s writing motivated him to publish his first book in the year 1939 Always called a Little Further.

Alastair Borthwick was interested in the army during his time. He worked alongside the British Army in Sicily, North Africa, and Western Europe. Before joining the troop, he served as a private with the Highland Light Infantry. During the start of World War II, he was commissioned to serve as a lieutenant due to his experience in OTC.

Despite the call, he had to wait for two years to serve as a lance corporal. In the battlefield, he also worked as a unit intelligence officer. Due to his hard work and commitment, he rose up the ranks to become the troop’s captain.

In early 1941, he was appointed to work with the Reconnaissance Corps. He was later transferred to the 5th Seaforth Highlanders in the year 1944. In the Netherlands, Alastair Borthwick is famous to have led an army of 600 soldiers without a map.

Once the second world war came to a halt, Alastair Borthwick began working on his second book, San Peur.

The book was later republished as Battalion in the year 1994. The book details the events of the war from a junior soldier’s point of view.

He decided to venture on his career in radio broadcasting and writing. He wrote and presented on a wide array of issues. He was later appointed the Officer of the Order of the British Empire in the year 1952.

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Serge Belamant and Blockchain Technology

Serge Belamant is the Founder of UEPS Net 1 technologies and Zilch Technologies. UEPS is the creator of the Blockchain Debit Card. The UESP technology is one of a kind. The use of the Blockchain Debit Card is creating low-cost banking, to a level never experienced before.UEPS Net 1 Technologies created a smart card with the blockchain technology. One of the ways you can use the smart card is as a debit card. It is EMV (Europay MasterCard Visa) compatible, meaning you can transact with it at ‘EMV accepted’ outlets. Serge Belamant innovation uses distributed ledgers working offline/ online without communicating with a centralised computer.

The Serge Belamant UEPS Smart Card CAN create an audit record, confirm, decrypt, encrypt, and authorise transactions. This blockchain smart card does not need a POS (Point of Sale Device) or a connected electricity source to operate. It thus can become an entire bank account without any banking infrastructure.If offline, you can use a POS device to record transactions between smart cards. You can use the POS device to store all information about debit transactions on the smart cards. When either smart card transacts with a POS device or a centralised ATM, updating/ confirmation of all offline goings-on occurs on the centralised system. UEPS then stores transactional information in a mainframe computer that acts as a central database.

After creating his business inventions, Serge Belamant filed for patents to protect them. Some patents are pending, while USPTO (the United States Patent and Trademark Office) has granted the rest. They include:

  • Verification of a transactor’s identity- A system facilitating financial transactions between transactee and transactor.
  • A Financial transaction with an inconstant pin – An invention that includes a facilitating device for financial transactions taking place at a POS, an ATM, or via the internet. It also provides facilitation for PIN generation in response to the correct biometric identification when login into an account (financial).
  • Designation of Electronic Financial Transactions- An electronic financial system with an identifier designation/ response means.

About Serge Belamant, he was born in France (1953). His family later moved to South Africa where he attended school at Highlands North High School. While there he learned English and excelled in chess plus rugby. He then went to Witwatersrand University to study engineering, but later switched to applied mathematics and computer science.

From Financial Adviser to CEO, Sheldon Lavin

Sheldon Lavin worked as a financial adviser in the banking industry as well as owning a consulting firm. A small family owned company, Otto & Sons, was given an opportunity to become the supplier of McDonald’s in the early 1970s but was not financially capable of delivering. Sheldon was brought in as a financial adviser to help the company expand. By 1975, he had gone beyond financial adviser and was helping Otto & Sons to expand their business internationally.

Sheldon Lavin was made a partner when the father retired and soon began working full time. With the father retired and a new partner in place, the company name was changed from Otto & Sons to OSI Group. The small family owned business expanded into a broader market becoming the supplier of infamous restaurants, including McDonald’s. OSI Group expanded throughout North America and then into Europe in the 1970s. In the 1980s, it further expanded into South America and Taiwan and later into a total of 17 countries, including such places as the Philippines, China, South Africa, Japan, and Australia.

OSI Group now operates more than 65 facilities throughout the 17 countries and employs approximately 20,000 people. Sheldon credits family-oriented atmosphere as the driving factor in the low employee turnover rate. He eventually purchased the controlling interest in OSI Group and changed the image of meat and the meat processing industry. Sheldon Lavin now serves as Chief Executive Officer, or CEO, of OSI Group and retains controlling interest.

The Global Visionary Award was presented to Sheldon Lavin at a ceremony in February, 2016 by the Vision World Academy of India. This award is designated to recognize visionaries who have achieved their dreams through persistence and perseverance. Sheldon credits the people around him with helping to achieve this success. He says teamwork and a collaborative effort is what makes the company successful. Sheldon Lavin also is involved in numerous charitable organizations which help to provide for the basic needs of families who struggle with chronic illnesses.

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Dr. Vijay Eswaran’s Journey to Success as an Entrepreneur

Vijay Eswaran is the co-founder and Executive Chairman of the QI Group of Companies as well as an entrepreneur, philanthropist and author. Eswaran was born in Penang, Malaysia in 1960 to his mother, Pushpavathy Chinnaiah who was a teacher and his father, Vijayaratnam Saravanamuthu, who was with the Malaysian Ministry of Labour. Due to his father’s job, the family moved frequently to different parts of Malaysia throughout Vijay’s childhood. He went on to attend the London School of Economics and graduated with a degree in Socioeconomics in 1984. After graduating, he traveled through Europe and took several odd jobs as a cab driver, gas station attendant and security guard. While in the United Kingdom, Eswaran was introduced to binary system marketing which led him to obtain a professional certificate from the Chartered Institute of Management Accountants and an MBA from the Southern Illinois University.

Vijay Eswaran spent several years working for various companies, including IBM, in North American and South-east Asia before he returned to Malaysia in 1998 to co-found the QI Group. The QI Group is a multinational conglomerate, headquartered in Hong Kong, that is involved in direct selling, real estate, education, retail, and hospitality. Eswaran states that the idea for QI began while he was still in university and he fell in love with network marketing and the idea of creating entrepreneurs. He tributes his success to believing in consensus management and working in teams, claiming it provides multiple viewpoints helping him and others understand a subject or idea more clearly.

Eswaran also founded the RYTHM Foundation and the Vijayaratnam Foundation and is listed in Forbes Asia’s list of Heroes in Philanthropy. Both foundations work with local and international NGOs and organizations to focus on community development and well-being, child mentoring, youth development, women empowerment and special education.

Professor Kamil Idris, Expert in Intellectual Property

National policy objectives of a country and their political commitment towards IP development are some of the factors that determine the benefits of intellectual property. On tackling IP risks as a result of globalization, Professor Kamil Idris says that IP training and the development of human capacity should be the pivot and given most attention.


China will be heavily affected following president Trump’s latest stand on new tariffs. The US president stated that his decision was as a result of China’s unjust acquisition of U.S technology. The United States Trade Representative’s 2017 report indicated that America spent between $225 million and $600 billion due to theft of U.S IP by China. President Trump declared that the tariffs would be imposed from China, totalling $50 billion. This will be a punishment to China for stealing U.S intellectual property. Professor Kamil Idris feels that Trump seems to be keeping his promise of imposing a 25% tariff on imports of steel and 10% tariff on imports of aluminum. By not including Mexico and Canada in these tariffs, the president is extending for reconciliation between the said countries. Professor Kamil Idris thinks that Trump may have started a global war as America’s trading allies, economists, some Republican lawmakers, and stakeholders in business criticized the move.

Professor Kamil Idris is of the opinion that president Trump is using section 301 of the constitution as a tool to protect the United States IP. By the power vested in him by the constitution, the president can influence and approve trade sanctions. The same power allows him to sanction any other country that he thinks is not doing enough to issue sufficient protection for intellectual property rights.


To ensure that all WIPO member countries have a say in providing solutions for issues related to intellectual property, Professor Kamil affirmed that WIPO is dedicated to multilateralism and all stakeholders are guaranteed inclusive dialogue.

Louis Chenevert, The Man Who Has Helped Two Production Industries Cut Running Costs Effectively


From hs childhood in Montreal Canada, it was clear that Louis Chenevert would be something in life. His passion for business especially on the production line, would finally enable him become an accomplished production manager at General Motors, advisor of Goldman Sachs Canada, United Technologies’ CEO, and unprecedented Aerospace Production Manager at Pratt & Whitney. The story of this Canadian businessman is worth reading. Everywhere Louis Chenevert went flourished. He could come in a company and within a short span; Louis Chenevert could streamline the production sector to hit targets that would never be attained otherwise.

Louis Chenevert was born in Montreal, Canada. He graduated with a Degree in Production Management from the HEC Montreal School, a faculty at the University of Montreal. He knew that the skilled he garnered at school would help him ensure that goods and products are produced at a fast speed without compromising on the quality of the product. This would be seen later when a friend of his, Hachey introduced Louis Chenevert to GM’s St. Therese, Quebec branch.

Hachey is a good man. He was quick to see Louis’ potential. For this reason, Hachey ensured that every time he moved up the managerial position, he moved along with Louis. This is how Louis Chenevert landed in the St. Therese GM motor vehicle assembly line. When Louis got into the production line, producing a new vehicle would take several minutes. He chanced all this. During his 14 year-tenure at St. Therese GM Assembly Line, Louis’ department would produce a new and fault-free vehicle every minute! But there would come a time he’d move from the motor vehicle industry.

The two guys moved from General Motors to producing aircraft engines. Hachey went to Bombardier Aerospace where he rose from junior ranks between 2008, when he joined the company and 2014 when he assumed the seat of the President and the Chief Operating Officer.

As for Louis Chenevert, he also made a move to the aerospace sector. For him, he landed at Pratt & Whitney Canada. Of course this was with the help of another long-term friend at GM Canada. While Louis Chenevert joined PWC in 1993, his other friend Karl Krapek was president of United Technologies Corporation. While at PWC, Louis Chenevert helped the airliner producer to cut the amount of time of producing new engines from 24 months to 9 months. This was a great achievement.

Tony Petrello’s work in business and charity

Tony Petrello is the CEO of Nabors Industries. It is an oil and gas drilling firm located in Texas. It is one of the biggest forms in the world with a presence in 25 countries. The face behind the growth of the company is tony Petrello who has an inspiring story of coming from a humble background to becoming a top executive in the United States. He was born in Newark, NJ from a humble family that could not even afford to give him the best education but he still managed to work hard and reached his goals. His rise to a top corporate member has been a combination of natural talent, creative thinking, and hard work. He is not the type of person who will lag behind others; he leads from the front. He is a great problem solver who believes that there a solution for everything as long as there is willingness.

Tony Petrello has been through turns and twists in his life. Before he succeeded as the CEO of Nabors Industries he had to prove that indeed he was extraordinary. In fact, he was given n a position of COO at Nabors although he has never been to a business class. His dedication to success and ability to solve problems are some of the characters which attracted the attention of Nabors Industries Management. In his dedication and commitment to his job has also led to success in his job as an executive.

Since he joined Nabors Industries as COO, he has worked for the greater good of the company. He has made sure that everything he is working towards is meant to assist Nabors industries to become a top company in the world. His efforts while working for Nabors are the reasons we see the company performing very well to date. Tony Petrello has made decisions which have raised the bar of management in the company; he has made great strides in the industry by ensuring that Nabors is recognized as the leading drilling firm in the world. The firm has been applying the latest technology to create the best drilling rigs.

Tony Petrello has not only been making a difference in the business industry; he is also into philanthropy, he is assisting people who are going through challenges feel better by offering support. He has participated in the rescue missions in Houston after Hurricane Harvey left mass destruction of property in the area.

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Manaira Shopping By Roberto Santiago Enables Fashion Experimentation

One of the most frustrating things about the mainstream is that it leaves little room for people to find their own way. For one thing, a lot of the stores that are not mainstream are hard to find. When people go to most malls, they are only going to find all of the mainstream stores. They also carry only the mainstream items. One of the reasons behind this is that only the mainstream items are selling. However, it is not necessarily because people do not want what is not in the mainstream. Sometimes, it is that a lot of people are not aware of what is outside of the mainstream.


One thing that people who are on the outskirts of what is normal are going to have to do is market themselves. In other words, they have to find people that are into what they are into. Then they are going to have to reach out to them and offer them something that is suited to their tastes. However, this can be very hard. Fortunately, Roberto Santiago has an appreciation for things that are unusual. He also understands that it can sometimes be hard to market. He offers unique stores a platform for them to sell their products.


One of the reasons that this is such a good thing is that people will expand their minds. It is not that the mainstream is not desired but more so that the mainstream is expanded. There are a lot of styles that are actually quite elegant. Some people can wear these styles and find themselves feeling like they are very special. Those that find their own sense of fashion are going to feel like they have a special spot. Then if they get a compliment, then they are going to feel validated.


Roberto Santiago has created something that is more than a mall. Manaira Shopping is a world that is worth visiting. The items that are available in the stores that have been established range from the mainstream items that are accepted by the majority of people to the extremely unique items that are made for a subset of people who will buy these items.

The Twitter Account Of Shervin Pishevar Will Keep You Educated

Most of us might think of Twitter as a place where little can be learned. We probably value it for the fact that it can entertain us and make us laugh, but few people would point to it as a source of education most of the time. Fortunately, there are people like Shervin Pishevar who can help to change that viewpoint one tweet at a time.

Shervin Pishevar, an early investor in AirBnb, takes to Twitter regularly to express his views on topics like the economy and how politics impact the economy. He likes to point out when he believes that people are making mistakes with their investments and a whole wide variety of other issues. That being said, Shervin Pishevar is also the kind of person who has experience making smart economic choices in his personal life. Therefore, his opinions should carry more weight than the average person’s on these topics.

In a recent tweet storm, Shervin Pishevar released fifty numbered tweets that went through point by point why he believes that the stock market is set up to fail in the near future. He also thinks that Bitcoin is not a safe haven like so many have hoped that it might be for them. Finally, he talks about how the American Dream has been exported so effectively at this point that many great inventions are now going to come from the shores of foreign lands rather than from our own country.

Shervin Pishevar said all of these things over a period of twenty-one hours on Twitter. He went through line by line why he feels the way that he does about each and every one of these things. He took a contrarian view on certain things simply because that is how he honestly feels about them. All in all, he made sure that there was no question in the minds of anyone who read his material about where he was on the question of so many of these issues. He wanted them all to know his positions, and now we all really do. It is so enlightening to read the thoughts of someone who has actually proven himself to be worth reading.

Roberto Santiago: The Significance of Manaira

Much like most individuals that challenge the tenants of their field, Roberto Santiago started from a very humble place. On July 16 of 1958, Roberto Santiago came into the world ready to tackle it. He spent much of his childhood developing his keen intellect and superior reasoning skills, this was the foundation for which he would rest his future accomplishments. After he graduated from primary school, Santiago started attending the Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa. This was where Santiago discovered that he had a flair for the real estate market and for development. One of the first things that he started doing soon after graduating was managing his own company. This company made the packaging for various products and was one of Santiago’s early successes. This laid out a path in the business world that Santiago would continue down for many years to come.


In 1989, Roberto Santiago was ready to tackle an even bigger project. He purchased some land in the lovely city of Joao Pessoa and immediately started making plans on what exactly he would put there. Development had become a major passion for him, and he wanted to make sure that he put something there that would be beneficial to the residents, not only as a destination but as a source of revenue for the community. From that hard work Manaira was constructed, and it immediately overshadowed any other building of its type. The behemoth structure boasted a plethora of shopping locations, numerous restaurants, a college, and high-end options that all shoppers could enjoy. It was a fantastic place and it immediately became a treasure in the eyes of the people of Joao Pessoa. To this day it remains a very popular destination for members of the Joao Pessoa community as well as tourists.


One of the things that Santiago is most proud of is Domus Hall. This gem is situated on the roof of Manaira like a tiara. It is known primarily as a concert venue, but it has been used for market functions, weddings, and high school graduations. This space has endless potential and has overshadowed the beauty of the mall itself because of its immense popularity. It has been said that performers of many different skills have sought to perform in Domus Hall because of its exclusive nature. Visitors will feel as though they are transported into a world of glamour and fame while visiting this wonderful facility. As the years continue, Manaira will grow to accommodate more facilities and sorely needed projects. Roberto Santiago is dedicated to increasing the visibility of not only Joao Pessoa, but of Brazil in general. The shopping mall has earned a significant international reputation that does not seem to be dying down anytime soon.