Who Does Betsy DeVos Stand For?

Betsy DeVos in undoubtably one of the most controversial appointees in the Trump administration, which is certainly saying something. Trump is now well known for choosing people to head federal departments who are notably inexperienced, which has brought in extra controversy to an administration that is frequently swirling in it. His appointment of DeVos as the head of the Education Department in Washington raised plenty of eyebrows, given that she has no experience working in public schools, and her children didn’t attend one. Though there was pushback against her appointment, republicans in congress did push her through, by a very narrow margin.


Demure in Public, Fiery in Private


Devos was a Michigan Republican party chairwoman, as well as a major party donor, and though her public demeanor can seem demure, those who knew her in her active political roles in Michigan say that she is anything but. Devos is a billionaire who came from a wealthy family and married into an even wealthier one when she married Dick DeVos.


Betsy DeVos has been known to use her wealth and political influence to sway elections, especially towards voting on issues she feels strongly about. She worked hard to influence voting on charter schools in Michigan, pushing for school vouchers, and working hard to dismantle public schools in Detroit. Right now, the public school system in Detroit is failing, with nothing to take its place. It’s a worrying situation, but Devos seems assured in her notion that charter schools are the answer to every problem facing schools in that troubled area (even with strong evidence to the contrary).


Going Around President Trump With Behind Closed Doors Meetings


Those who knew DeVos in Michigan state that in reality she is a fighter who is not opposed to using very tough tactics against anyone who tries to work against her. Her wealth and influence are a big part of who she is, and she is not shy against using them as weapons against those who hold different views.


One issue that has come up recently is her behind closed doors meeting with a representative for gay and transgender people employed in her department. She apparently met with them to warn that President Trump would soon be rescinding a bill that allowed transgender student to use the bathrooms of their assigned genders. In public, DeVos had supported Trump’s move, but her meeting seemed to defy his order.


Ultimately, the question is, whose side is Betsy DeVos on? Many political workers, and voters, would really like to know.


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