How Can Amazon Be Beat? Fabletics Might Know How

Amazon has done a lot of good for consumers who want more options when shopping for things they need, but it’s also made life difficult for regular businesses who’ve found it difficult to stand in the Amazon age. Even those who have shifted their model to be more mobile shopping friendly still have great challenges ahead to compete with the e-commerce giant. One company, Fabletics might have the answer. Fabletics is relatively new and has experienced high growth amid declines in the old fashion retailer markets. On the surface, it looks like most catalogs that you order from, but it’s got much lower prices and has membership options that include introductory prices, and an even better experience if you visit a Fabletics store to try on the outfits.


Actress Kate Hudson is the woman responsible for promoting much of the Fabletics line, and while she may be wealthy, she’s sent a message out of complete inclusiveness to all Fabletics customers. Fabletics runs on a membership program that allows users to become VIP members, track orders and shipping, leave reviews and redeem rewards on purchases. While the company features women’s outfits, there is a men’s section as well which includes athletic t-shirts and pants that Kate Hudson’s brother Oliver has spoken about a few times. Fabletics has also shown that while traditional retailers may not be doing well enough with brick and mortar sales right now, brick and mortar stores have not completely gone away since they’ve invested in them. What they have done though is branded the company as online first, and for those interested in trying on the outfits or saving time on shipping, they can visit a Fabletics store near them and get them, a different approach where other retailers may be suffering losses from customers snapping photos of merchandise, and then using them to shop on Amazon for cheaper deals.


Kate Hudson has had no formal training or family background in business, but she was asked by the CEOs of Techstyle Fashion Group if she would be interested in owning and marketing an athleisure brand because she is known to be easygoing and authentic in everything she does. Hudson was delighted to do so, and when she isn’t too busy rehearsing on the stage set for a movie production, she is at Fabletics headquarters giving her input. Hudson has definitely proven she believes in the Fabletics brand by wearing it all over Los Angeles. You can also find out about her personal favorites by visiting her Twitter or Facebook pages. If you want to get started being a member of Hudson’s athleisure company, you should take the lifestyle quiz at

Fabletics is what E-Commerce is all about

Fabletics is taking advantage of the crowd when it comes to e-commerce. The company identified the trend early on and has formulated marketing strategies to build sales. Sales are somewhat proportional to reviews by those utilizing the latest concept. There is a definite shift in the selling industry and Fabletics is certainly on the inside track.


The brand launched in 2013 and experienced quick growth by leveraging the power of crowd sourced reviews. Such reviews will increase sales, loyalty and return business more than the retail elements. With the world spinning online, consumers are taking advantage of the technology and relying on the power of online reviews when making a final decision when it comes to purchasing almost anything. Consumers are less likely to trust traditional marketing and advertising. Consumers are relying on online reviews more than ever and those reviews are having an impact on their final decisions. The reviews not only impact the products being offered, but the reputation of the business.


An authentic positive review will boost sales and help the bottom line. Such reviews also boost web search rankings creating additional visibility for the company and brand. The more reviews online, the higher the search ranking will be. Reviews also impact return customers. The bulk of the reviews typically come from return customers as opposed to first time customers. The brand is no longer what the company says it is, but what the customer says it is. The trend has served Fabletics well and put them at the forefront of the e-commerce industry.


Fabletics is the brain child of Don Ressler and Adam Goldberg who had an idea about launching a brand of leisure wear as there was not an affordably priced and stylish brand out there. When searching for a partner, they approached Kate Hudson. Ms. Hudson leads a very active lifestyle and she is approachable. From the very beginning, Hudson has taken a hands-on approach to the business. She is involved in the design process and looks at the sales numbers on a weekly basis to find out what is selling and what is not. Kate Hudson firmly believes in everything she does and that is why she is so involved with Fabletics.


Despite negative press about Fabletics and its business model of membership being a scam, Hudson has worked to overcome the negativity and shed a good light on the company, the brand and the business model. Hudson has proven that she is not only a talented actress, but talented businesswomen, as well. With a commitment to quality and customer service, Fabletics has grown tremendously experiencing growth that seems to be defying the odds.

Despite wonderfully explosive growth with Fabletics, Hudson is quoted as saying her true passion is as an actress. She is proud of her business acumen, but she is still an actor.


She will continue to work the business end of Fabletics and helping the company succeed, but she is still an artist at heart. She finds the day to day business world and acting exhilarating.


To find out what Fabletics gear is best for you, take the Lifestyle quiz.

Fabletics Competes Against Competition with Comfort and Affordability

Fabletics is a very interesting company that has managed to become one of the most incredible franchises when it comes to garments for athletic clothing for women. There are a lot of people that are praising Kate Hudson and the cofounders of Fabletics because they have created something unique. Fabletics is a company that has a subscription service and place that allows people to get garments sent to their homes every month.


This is incredibly insightful of Kate Hudson. She has become someone that has managed to give people access to a whole new world of stylish workout clothes. This is what lot of women are looking for when they decide to join the gym. They are not interested in the same clothes that they may work out in inside the home.


Amazon has managed to become one of the best companies for clothing, electronics and books. It is the type of company that has grown in a very interesting way. Many people are impressed with the fact that Jeff Bezos has moved beyond simply selling books and into a realm of other things like clothing. He is a great Contender for Fabletics because Amazon already has a clothing sector.


Fabletics is a company that is still able to compete quite successfully with other companies like Amazon because Kate Hudson has a strategic plan in place. It can be difficult to compete with a company like Amazon if there’s no strategy in place. Fortunately, there are quite a few people that like Fabletics already. These are loyal customers that are not looking for any clothing from any other competitor like Amazon.


This is really what all of the subscription services are about. It allows people to gain a level of confidence about the Fabletics brand. If they have become comfortable enough to be subscribers it is much easier for them to patronize Fabletics and stay with Kate Hudson. That is what she is banking on when she considers the subscription services. The new stores that are being put in place have the ability to attract a lot of people outside of the Internet. It’s quite easy for Kate Hudson to compete when she has established her fan base online first. This gives her the confidence to build more stores and attract other people offline.


The most interesting thing about someone like Kate Hudson is the strong-will that she has for her company to succeed. She has been in the Limelight as an actress for decades, but now she is focusing primarily on her store. This is what makes the brand thrive. There is a celebrity appeal that is connected to the brand, but Kate is more than capable of getting this company to new heights without all of the celebrity rigmarole. She is focused on creating quality clothes at affordable prices.


Fabletics is the brand that people have come to trust. It is a company that provides a new lineup of athletic clothes that are stylish and designed for comfort.

Ways Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is Giving Amazon All They Can Handle

Amazon is so used to being in the top spot in the competitive fashion e-commerce market that they usually do not panic when a clothing company seems to break out from the pack. Amazon is still selling 20 percent of all the apparel in this market, despite there being several thousand other clothing sellers all trying to knock them off that top perch. There appears to be one clothing company making waves in this niche and getting everyone’s attention. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has sold $250 in women’s workout apparel in a little over three years, and may be about to give Amazon all they can handle.


Hudson will talk about the success of her athleisure brand by stating how it all comes down to a few basics. In addition to using the sales process called reverse showrooming, Hudson says that her diverse and rewarding membership perks are key to the ultimate success of the brand. In order to wrap your head around how these two simple processes are yielding big numbers, we need to start our investigation at the Fabletics stores in the local mall. It may surprise many to see women are packed in the store doing things like window-shopping, browsing the newest releases racks, taking the lifestyle quiz, and trying on all the active-wear inside the store.


When it comes to taking charge in this competitive fashion e-commerce market, one other area you need to see big numbers is your online storefront. In order to drive sales to the Fabletics e-commerce store, the company has things set up in a way that when you try clothing on in the store at the mall, it gets uploaded immediately to the member’s account online. This makes it easier for these customers to continue shopping when they have more time, and it eliminates the concern about the clothing fitting them. That makes it easier to buy leggings, yoga pants, or tank tops on impulse.


The benefits of being a Kate Hudson’s Fabletics member do not stop there. These loyal customers also receive free shipping for online orders, assistance from an assigned personal shopper, and even discounts on all the workout apparel online and in the retail stores. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has the pedal to the metal and is trying to give Amazon just about all they can handle as they make a push for that top spot in the fashion e-commerce market.


Fabletics is a women’s sportswear and accessories, e-commerce business with a truly unique approach. The company offers its members personalized attire that is chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion penchant. Addressing the specific market needs in a creative manner is how Fabletics has been able to thrall or out perform the competition. There are many great businesses with innovative products that do not get recognized or fail within the first three years of operation due to improper, monolithic-like business plan. As with Fabletics, however, turning customers into members plays directly into the psychology of their customers, giving them the experience of exclusivity. Since Fabletics does not care if the customer buys online or in store; and since Fabletics grasp the idea that the in-store offline or online buying participation of each customer is significant, meshing the two Worlds together will indeed cause each customer to experience an elevated “shopping-experience” level unmatched by most retail stores.


Even though Fabletics is challenged with new competitors, they continue to evolve and grow at a rate of 35% year after year, while keeping prices at half of their competitors. This proves that Fabletics’ customer approach to experience appears to be paying off nicely. Customers admire high value brands that inspire. Fabletics business approach makes it clear that when proper emphasis and attention is given to accessibility, people and culture; it is possible to grow a $250 million business in just three years. Thus, they will be opening more stores, adding to the sixteen that are currently open.


Not exclusive to their legions only, women that wear Fabletics find the sportswear cute, comfortable, and stylish. Fabletics delivers designer quality activewear at an unbeatable price. Their competitors struggle to keep up or outcompete Fabletics by mimicking their sportswear design and business model. But what Fabletics has that their competitors don’t is the ability to quickly evolve as they upscale their business, while maintaining an unbeatable price points without compromising product quality. Although at first some are hesitant to sign on, women that join the membership program are not disappointed. To say the least, Fabletics membership idea and how it is implemented is innovative.


As a powerful message to women entrepreneurs, the success of Fabletics points to the benefit of women speaking their minds, going for what they want despite the odds, and listening to your customers always to evolve and grow your business.

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