End Citizens United Amassing Large Funds

End Citizens United began in 2015 as a committee seeking campaign finance reform. It seeks its ends primarily through contributions to Democratic candidates across the country. The endgame for the group is the reversal of the Citizens United Supreme Court decision in 2010, which ultimately led to super PACs and financial control of politics. End Citizens United has worked to amass a whopping 325,000 signatures for the reversal of the decision. Unlike other similar groups, End Citizens United seeks to actually get people elected who can effect the change necessary to stop super PACs from controlling politics. The finance reform the group seeks would go all the way down to the state and local level though the main focus currently is reform at the federal level. While the group has received some opposition from campaign finance experts, End Citizens United is receiving consistent grassroots support for their cause.

As far as actual numbers, End Citizens United amasses more than $4 million during the first three months of this year alone. Not only that, the group projects that it can garner around $35 million by the time the 2018 midterms swing around. This would be a vast improvement over the $25 million the PAC boasted in the 2016 election. The PAC is starting to reach new audiences, it would seem, as 40,000 of the 100,000 who have donated were new donors this year. While most donors only contribute around $12, the sheer number of donors has created a force to be reckoned with. Many of these donors see this as their only way of fighting back, seeing a system that is seemingly rigged against their interests. While the PAC can only accept donations of up to $5,000 from each individual, End Citizens United has also worked to encourage donors to contribute to certain political campaigns, such as that of Democrat Jon Ossoff in Georgia. The PAC feels it could really make a different in the upcoming 2018 midterms, particularly in defending certain senators who are sympathetic to their cause. End Citizens United was highly effective in this past 2016 election, so it is entirely reasonable that they could play a big part in the midterms next year.


Oncotarget Keeps the World Informed on Groundbreaking Medical Research Findings

Many smokers and scientists have for many years considered electronic cigarettes as being healthier than traditional cigarettes. They have believed that only the chemicals in cigarette smoke are harmful. Unfortunately, recent research findings discredit this belief. Dr. Irfan Rahman who led the study said that the vapors, nicotine and flavoring chemicals in e-cigarette could result in oral diseases. The fumes cause cells to produce inflammatory proteins that consequently damage cells. Nicotine also causes oral cavity decay and gum damage.

The life-changing research findings were published in an open access science journal called Oncotarget. The journal aims at availing results of scientific research such as this one to the public and other stakeholders as soon as possible. It aims at linking different fields in biomedical science and encourages scientists from various specialties to conduct research on how to fight disease. Through its weekly releases and insightful reviews, it aims at maximizing the impact of these research works.

Learn more: https://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pmc/journals/1558/

Initially, Oncotarget was an oncology journal. It covered studies on cancer examination, prevention, and treatment. Its success over the years and the desire to break down barriers between different specialties saw it grow into a multidisciplinary science journal. Some of the covered disciplines are cardiology, pharmacology, neuroscience, and microbiology.

For the last seven years, the Oncotarget has ranked number one on Thomson Reuter’s JCR impact factor. The journal’s success is because of its highly skilled researchers and scientists led by chief auditors, Mikhail Blagosklonny and Andrei Gudkov. These two editors have ensured proper organization of the posts on the journal for easy comprehension. Moreover, Oncotarget has an active online presence on the social media such as Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Google+ and YouTube. As a result, its publications on groundbreaking research works can reach the global audience fast and efficiently.

Most of the scientists that contribute to the journal such as Dr. Iran Rahman are scientists who are both experienced and passionate about minimizing effects disease. Mikhail and Gudkov are also professors at Roswell Park Research Institute. Their comprehensive knowledge in the medical field has ensured the information in the journal is reliable and accurate information. Oncotarget, which is published by Impact Journals

Tracing the Steps That Roberto Santiago Took So As To Become Successful

Roberto Santiago is a 59-year-old entrepreneur born in Joao Pessoa. As a young man, Roberto always had the passion for exploring new ideas with the hope that one day he would become successful. He, therefore, set his sights on getting a good education, something that he achieved. Having gone to schools like Pio X-Marist College and the University Center of Joao Pessoa, Roberto Santiago came out a refined man. With his knowledge in Business Administration, Roberto Santiago has been able to build an empire from the ground up.

In the heart of Joao Pessoa is Roberto’s brainchild, the Manaira Shopping Mall. Though more than two decades old, the complex still has heads swaying especially for first-time visitors to the Brazilian Capital. The monumental building rests on a large tract of land that belongs to Mr. Roberto. In totality, the entire shopping complex is home to a state of the art college, a gym complex, shopping stalls, banking facilities, modern theater, food court, gaming space, as well as a rooftop concert hall.

Learn more: http://economia.estadao.com.br/noticias/releases-ae,mangabeira-shopping-a-arquitetura-moderna-do-empresario-roberto-santiago,10000096117

One major institution found in the mall is the Domus Hall. With the Domus Hall having been opened up to the public in 2009, the hall can accommodate 10,000 standing individuals and 4,000 people while seated. The Domus Hall in itself is a site to fathom. It has been made from the latest and very best materials in the market and integrates a soundproof and advance air conditioning system. To this end, the Domus Hall has become a destination of choice for people in need of a venue to host weddings, concerts, exhibitions, fairs, conferences, and graduation ceremonies.

Something unique about the Manaira Shopping Mall is that it is a one-stop shop for all your needs. For movie lovers, you can always find a place at the compound. Manaira Shopping Mall is home to one some of the most common entertainment joints that offer customers with the opportunity to watch the latest movies. The complex also accommodates gamers since it has an excellent gaming space as well as a bowling alley. Since the Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping is a one-stop shop for everyone, it offers affordable cuisines at its food court. In so doing, people from different financial backgrounds have a chance of enjoying a delicious meal at the facility. Some of the eateries present in the mall include but are not limited to the Waynes, Capital Steakhouse, and Espaco Capital Steakhouse, and Espaco Gourmet. Apart from hosting fun joints and restaurants, Manaira Shopping Mall is a place where you can get the latest trends in fashion, be it in furniture, jewelry, attire, and cosmetics. Besides, several bookstores within the complex sell reading material to the students of the College Higher Education of Paraiba. Read more articles on Jornal Da Paraiba

  1. Santiago is the owner of yet another complex, the Mangeira Shopping Mall. Therefore, Roberto Santiago has proven to be a true visionary. Two decades later, his greatest invention is still going strong. He has shown the world that anything is achievable provided that you follow your dreams, no matter how unreasonable they might appear at the time.

Kim Dao’s First Day in Singapore

Kim Dao and Eric went down to the hotel restaurant for a free breakfast (https://twitter.com/kimdaoblog?lang=en). Kim Dao ate Eggs Benedict, scrambled eggs, sausage, bacon, and a tomato slice. She had not had western food in a long time. Kim Dao says the Singapore hotel has food from all over the world, including China, India, and Western food. She had granola and strawberry yogurt in the shape of a face with two blueberries for eyes and a strawberry for a nose. After Kim Dao and Eric had breakfast, she had a meet up at the hotel lobby with many of her  Singapore  subscribers. There were around 50 people there. Kim Dao was expecting less than 10 people. Kim Dao posed for photos with her fans and gave out lots of chocolate message packs.Learn more : https://ideamensch.com/kim-dao/


When Kim Dao returned to the hotel with the gifts, she had received many belated birthday gifts. She had plenty of greeting cards, facial skin care products, chips, chocolate. some knitted Pokémon dolls, homemade Pokémon stickers dressed in similar outfits that Kim Dao wore in her videos. a Pokémon key chain, and more.Learn more : https://www.twitch.tv/kimdao


After opening her gifts, Kim Dao and Eric went shopping at Orchard Road and went to lunch in Chinatown for some chicken and rice. Kim Dao and her boyfriend took the MIT train to Chinatown. The couple ate at Laio Fan restaurant. Eric had watermelon juice and Kim Dao had lime juice with their meals. After lunch, the couple returned to their hotel room to rest.Learn more : https://www.facebook.com/KimDaoOfficial/


Brian Torchin And HCRC Solve Medical Staffing Challenges Fast

Dr Brian Torchin founded Healthcare Recruitment Counselors specifically for the medical professional office including, full-time doctors, part-time doctors occasional visiting doctors, physician’s assistants physical therapist, physical therapy assistants, medical specialists, administrative, billing, office managers and public relations reps.

Helping medical offices and practices overcome the biggest challenge in the profession which is the ability to find staff very quickly when they are most needed.

When a medical office tries to find its own professionals and staff it becomes very time-consuming and every day your staff spends searching for staff you are spending money and not billing. HCRC takes care of the staffing challenge so you can focus on billing and increased revenues.

HCRC provides a very fast efficient approach to a medical office’s staffing needs and can generally fill your needs within 48 hours.

As soon as a client contracts with HCRC they begin to immediately contact thousands of candidates inside of their data base ready to go to work.

HCRC is able to keep its database full of qualified and ready candidates with a very aggressive and continuous recruiting process, ensuring resources are always available to fill client needs in every state across the U.S. as well as Europe, Asia, Australia and Canada.

There are many benefits to working with Dr Brian Torchin’s HCRC. Here are a few of that stand out. Learn more about Brian Torchin: http://postings.com/23543/jobs/Healthcare-Medical

1) Increase retention and reducing turnover. Qualified candidates and the right match for the right office is all handled with HCRC’s screening process

2) Specific and personalized needs matching for each client

3) Building long-term relationships with both clients and professional candidates with flexible staffing solutions based on trust and respect that delivers desired results

4) Speed. Delivery qualified professionals within 48 to 72 hours

Dr Brian Torchin knows that building a good professional medical office is an extremely challenging task and most medical professionals have a hard enough time finding enough hours in  a work day to care for their patients, work with office managers and stay on top of continuous education.

So the ideal solution is to turn the challenge of staffing an office with qualified professionals in the medical field over to professional staffing counselors like HCRC.

Immigration Reforms with George Soros

At the of 85 years, George Soros still cares about human rights and things affecting people like he used to when he was a young man. He still supports the Democratic Party like he used to in the past. He supported the presidential bid of Hillary Clinton in 2016 US Presidential elections. He did this by making a donation of $25 million to this cause and other causes supporting her bid. Before this donation, George Soros had made a donation of the same amount to the 2004 presidential candidate. His donations usually spark donations from other rich people from the United States such as Haim Saban and Sheldon Adelson.

Since time immemorial, George Soros has never agreed with policies by the Republican Party. For instance, he disagrees with them on the issue of immigration, criminal justice reform, and religious tolerance. According to the Politico, George Soros referred to Donald Trump as an agent of ISIS for instilling fear to most Americans. The Politico also revealed that George Soros and Hilary Clinton had known each other for over 30 years and this may be the reason he felt inclined to support her election bid. George Soros had promised to attend the Democratic Convention in Philadelphia to hear his longtime friend make the acceptance speech. According to George Soros spokesman, Soros felt compelled to act during the past elections as a lot was at stake. Following the defeat of Clinton, George Soros and other rich donors of the Democratic Party met for a three-day closed-door meeting in Washington DC. The agenda of the meeting was to discuss the way forward and the main issues that arose during the past election such as the role of money in politics. Senior Senator Elizabeth Warren was one of the prominent politicians who graced the meeting. Read more about George’s life story at biography.com.

George Soros cares for the immigrants because he has been an immigrant his entire life. Before he moved to the United States in the year 1956, he was a scholar at the London School Economics where he discovered his passion for finance and numbers. He had moved to London from his native country of Hungary where he was running away from Nazi persecution. George Soros has made his wealth from risky currency trades. As of today, he is listed as the 18th richest man in the world. George Soros is one man who cares about democracy and constantly funds democratic causes across the world. Know more on Investopedia about George Soros.

Successful Management of a Global Giant by David McDonald

Managing an international giant company is not an easy task. For David McDonald, it is the simplified strategies that work best. After graduating from Iowa University in 1987 with a degree in Animal Science, he ventured into business. He is the current chief operations officer and President of the OSI Group.

OSI Group is a meat processing company that serves its products in over 17 countries and has over 50 processing facilities. It is among the leading employers on the planet with a workforce exceeding 20,000 persons.

Simplified management practices are employed by the OSI Company to enhance its performance.

The company has local management teams located in different areas of its operations to serve the wide range of customer base. These teams are responsible for coordination of activities on the ground. They are required to deal with cultural preferences of the population they serve among other responsibilities. The local management teams work closely with a global logistics team that coordinates the activities of all the teams with the head office. It is this smooth partnership that ensures easy flow of operation within the company structure.

OSI group boast of a wealth of experience that spans back in a century of operations. In China, the company has been operating for the past 20 years and recently revealed that the market poses a potential for increased growth due to the rising number of wealthy citizens. With china’s rise as a popular tourist destination, the prospects are even higher. It is for these reasons that the company’s president David McDonald OSI Group declared the country a point of focus in the effort of expansion.

Catering for the new market requires resources. For this reason, David McDonald OSI Group, the company president recently partnered with DOYOO Group. The partnership aims at ensuring the business achieves its projection of being the global leader in the supply of meat products. Acquisition of Baho Foods, a Dutch company, adds to the company’s list of recent achievements. The newly acquired firm is intended to help OSI Group cater to the European market. It is in this respect that OSI decided to maintain the staff of the newly acquired company including the manager, whose contribution is considered vital in the creation of new growth strategies.

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UKV PLC Provides A Customized Service For Wine And Champagne Enthusiasts

UPDATED May 10th, 2017 –  UKV PLC just released a guide to french wine to help novice wine drinkers get to know France’s wine regions. They also just launched a new blog! Click here to learn more.

UKV PLC is a privately owned fine wine consultant, retailer, and distribution company, with their offices based in Croydon, Surrey in the United Kingdom. The firm, although privately owned, does not rely on a sole supplier but teams up with like-minded brokers and traders to acquire and sell world-class fine wine and champagne from Italy, Spain, and France.

Their main products include wines and champagnes, such as Lafite Rothschild, Mouton Rothschild, Latour, and Chateau Lafite. The firm also deals with beers, spirits, and other alcoholic beverages. The company mainly sells on their own as retailers or on brokerage terms for private or trade clients. UKV PLC targets to sell wine and champagne in ways that are tailor made to fit their customers’ needs for either consumption or commercial purposes.

Key Benefit

One of the major benefits of choosing UKV PLC is that they provide a world class customer experience. Coming from a region that is well known for wine production, UKV PLC is a company that holds its customers in high regards. UKV employs richly experienced consultants who personally guide and educate their clients in choosing the best suitable wine or champagne for their occasion and need. The company is flexible enough to provide consultancy services in the customer’s preferred mode such as face to face, phone or online support. This has seen UKV PLC become a world’s choice wine company for many.


Their dedication and hard work have seen the company grow to become one of the world’s leading wine company since its inception in 2015. The company has engaged the use of social media platforms, such as Twitter and Facebook, to educate their followers on the best wine options as well as display their products to potential clients. Due to the changing climate of the world, UKV PLC has expanded its operations to embrace production of cooler climate wines.

Dick DeVos: A Pioneer Philanthropist for Education Reform Campaign

What comes to your mind when you see “philanthropist“? People know Philanthropist with many names; few call them as Humanitarian, few call them as Contributor, but the aim of such individual is same, to assist humanity with their wealth, knowledge, and skills. A philanthropist, however by definition, is the one who makes a vigorous effort to promote welfare work for a human being.



And it is completely true that the most renowned philanthropists are incredibly wealthy such as Dick DeVos. Their efforts in philanthropy world are a reflection of their philosophy about life. They believe in equal living, or they may prefer education is for everyone, whatever would be their aim; overall, they have the same goal, to assist humanity to live a life to its fullest and to enjoy life like every other individual does.



As much as we write defining the philanthropy, it will lead us to DeVos families especially Dick DeVos and his wife, Betsy DeVos. Its donations are extensive, with numerous moving parts which are worth appreciative. The wealth of DeVos family starts from direct marketing and the father of Dick DeVos, Richard DeVos Sr. who inaugurated Amway to change the history or DeVos family. He was a philanthropist in his time, and that’s why his son, Dick DeVos, also go involved in donation and assisting others.



Dick is a person who is renowned with many names and titles the most famous titles he holds is Philanthropist. He donated a huge sum of money, and he is continuously donating for the good cause of education American so that they can build a greater economy and their country can raise more and more with each passing day. His accomplishments and initiatives are inspiring countless other individuals in a different part of the world to take part in philanthropy work to work for their nation and to help education reaches places where it did not.



Dick is a devoted and dedicated businessman, entrepreneur, philanthropist, leader, in addition to a committed family man who is working hard for the future of others. Otherwise, he had enough money to live a lavish life, but he preferred to work for others and to carry own his family’s dynasty by donating money to ensure that name of DeVos is to be remembered for numerous generations in future to come.



With much wealth in hand, it isn’t surprising that DeVos family is also a very heavy contributor to the charity. Richard along with Helen, his wife, runs their family Foundation from the Michigan, their home state. DeVos family is also renowned for being the pioneer for the education reform campaign that is specifically designed to help people who don’t have enough funds to support quality education for their children.





Fabletics is a women’s sportswear and accessories, e-commerce business with a truly unique approach. The company offers its members personalized attire that is chosen for them based on their lifestyle and fashion penchant. Addressing the specific market needs in a creative manner is how Fabletics has been able to thrall or out perform the competition. There are many great businesses with innovative products that do not get recognized or fail within the first three years of operation due to improper, monolithic-like business plan. As with Fabletics, however, turning customers into members plays directly into the psychology of their customers, giving them the experience of exclusivity. Since Fabletics does not care if the customer buys online or in store; and since Fabletics grasp the idea that the in-store offline or online buying participation of each customer is significant, meshing the two Worlds together will indeed cause each customer to experience an elevated “shopping-experience” level unmatched by most retail stores.


Even though Fabletics is challenged with new competitors, they continue to evolve and grow at a rate of 35% year after year, while keeping prices at half of their competitors. This proves that Fabletics’ customer approach to experience appears to be paying off nicely. Customers admire high value brands that inspire. Fabletics business approach makes it clear that when proper emphasis and attention is given to accessibility, people and culture; it is possible to grow a $250 million business in just three years. Thus, they will be opening more stores, adding to the sixteen that are currently open.


Not exclusive to their legions only, women that wear Fabletics find the sportswear cute, comfortable, and stylish. Fabletics delivers designer quality activewear at an unbeatable price. Their competitors struggle to keep up or outcompete Fabletics by mimicking their sportswear design and business model. But what Fabletics has that their competitors don’t is the ability to quickly evolve as they upscale their business, while maintaining an unbeatable price points without compromising product quality. Although at first some are hesitant to sign on, women that join the membership program are not disappointed. To say the least, Fabletics membership idea and how it is implemented is innovative.


As a powerful message to women entrepreneurs, the success of Fabletics points to the benefit of women speaking their minds, going for what they want despite the odds, and listening to your customers always to evolve and grow your business.

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